MPXConfig3 changelog

Version Date Description

New Features

Checkboxes added to enable conversion from TLL sentences to WPL and to PGN 130074 (Waypoint Name & Position).


Bug Fixes

Removed an experimental feature from the Input Mode drop down menu of In4.


New Features

A normal NMEA log now logs plain NMEA 0183 sentences only. All TAG blocks added by the MiniPlex are removed. When a diagnostic log is created, all TAG blocks added by the MiniPlex are preserved, including the new time parameter. MPXConfig3 adds an extra TAG block indicating whether the sentence was received by MPXConfig3 or transmitted. MPXConfig3 no longer adds a time stamp enclosed in square brackets.


New Features

A Device counter is added to the NMEA 2000 Device List.

Bug Fixes

Duplicate header row in NMEA 2000 Device List removed.
The NMEA 2000 Device List no longer scrolls back to top each time an Address Claim Message is received from the NMEA 2000 network.


New Features

Control added to select between STW or SOG for calculating true wind. Checkbox added to enable the use of an internal magnetic variation table.


New Features

Captions of heading conversions have been changed. HDM is removed from "Heading Magnetic <-> True" and THS is added to "Reverse Heading".

The Port selector now shows "friendly" port names like "MiniPlex-3 Serial Port (COM3)" instead of just "COM3".

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that would still show a "Multiplexer does not respond"-message when the Disconnect button was clicked before the communication time out was expired.


New Features

The NMEA 2000 Manufacturer Code-table has been updated. Several new manufacturers were added, as well as the missing code for Furuno. This table is used to fill the "Manufacturer" column in the NMEA 2000 Devices window.


New Features

Increased communication speed settings
The communication speed of all NMEA 0183 inputs and outputs has been increased to 115200 Baud.


New Features

Routing of NMEA 2000 data
The routing table now stores NMEA 2000 device names instead of Source Addresses. This is more intuitive and it maintains a correct routing table if Source Addresses change when new devices are connected to the NMEA 2000 network.
All NMEA 2000 related columns in the routing table are now hidden when connecting to a MiniPlex-3 without NMEA 2000 interface.

Improved communication
MPXConfig3 now checks the communication with the MiniPlex-3. All commands sent require an acknowledgement.
TAG Blocks are now only enabled during an active connection with MPXConfig3. These are used for filling the routing table using a Capture or when selecting a specific input for viewing. When MPXConfig3 closes the connection, TAG blocks are always disabled automatically by the MiniPlex-3 unless the TAG Blocks option is checked.
This prevents TAG blocks from remaining enabled, which can cause problems with navigation software with sloppy NMEA 0183 parsers.

Processing NMEA 0183 sentences has been optimized, reducing processor load from roughly 50% to 2-3%. This greatly improves the responsiveness of MPXConfig3, no matter how much data is being received from the MiniPlex-3.

WiFi parameter menu/window
A menu entry and setup-window have been added to set WiFi parameters.

Bug Fixes

Capture the routing table
Proprietary sentences ($PSMD...) are no longer captured. This prevents numerous "PSMDN"-entries in a captured routing table.


New Features

Handling incorrect Address Claim messages (PGN 60928) from legacy Raymarine devices
Some older Raymarine devices would transmit an Address Claim message (PGN 60928) to the requesters' Source Address instead of to global address 255 (NMEA 2000 requirement). MPXConfig3 would not parse this message and a result, the device would not be listed in the NMEA 2000 Device List in MPXConfig3. A fix has been implemented to accept these faulty Address Claim messages anyway.

Bug Fixes


New Features

A warning is issued when trying to update the MiniPlex firmware via a WiFi connection and the update is aborted.
Firmware V2.1.0 is included.

Bug Fixes

Assign IP address to MiniPlex-3E
Assigning an IP address through the Assign IP menu would issue an error message about invalid numbers entered. This has been fixed.

$MXPGN sentences for all PGNs
Enabling $MXPGN sentences for all PGNs would result in several error messages when the configuration of the MiniPlex-3 was retrieved. This has been fixed.


New Feature

A checkbox has been added to enable 10Hz output of GGA, GLL, RMC and VTG sentences.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an error that caused MPX-Config3 to show an error message on startup ("B0 is not an integer value").


Bug Fixes

The priority sentence read from the MiniPlex showed a '/'-character on the last position where it should have had a '0'. This in turn caused MPX-Config3 V2.4.0 to lock up. This has been fixed in the firmware and in MPX-Config3 V2.4.1.


This version of MPX-Config3 matches the new V2.0 firmware. This firmware is embedded in MPX-Config3 and will automatically load into your MiniPlex-3 when connected for the first time.

Warning: This update erases the current configuration of your MiniPlex-3! Also, the new MPX-Config3 V2.4.0 will not read any old configuration file correctly. We advise to make screen shots of the current configuration using the previous version of MPX-Config3 first.

The Mac OS X version is still being developed.


New Features

Automatic Update

MPX-Config2 always checks if multiplexer contains the required firmware version. If not, it automatically starts an update, using a firmware image embedded in MPX-Config. Menu option Automatic Update allows a manual initiation of this update process. This feature is useful in case an automatic update fails and the multiplexer is left without any firmware. It isnow no longer necessary to go on-line to download the firmware first.

Support for new conversions

Checkboxes added for the following conversions:

  • COG to True Heading (VTG -> HDT)
  • Time from GPS (RMC -> ZDA)

NMEA Viewer

The NMEA viewer now stores up to 100 sentences and can be scrolled back for inspection.

Bug Fixes (Windows version)

    The overflow LEDs did not work because of an error in decoding of the PSMDOV sentence.

Bug Fixes (OS X version)

Headings above the filter list are fixed. Some of the headings were too wide for the column widths, especially after upgrading to OS X 10.10.


Versions are numbered as 'Vm.n.p'. These numbers have the following meaning:


Major version number. This number changes when significant improvements to the firmware are made.


Minor version number. This number changes when small features are added to the firmware.


Patchlevel number. This number changes when bugs are fixed. The feature set remains the same.

When 'm' or 'n' are changed, a new manual will be available as well as a new matching version of MPX-Config.